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If you're looking for a carpet cleaning company that combines hard work with experience & carpet knowledge, Geyen's is the cleaning company you're looking for. There's no need to replace your carpet just yet, Geyen's cleaners are able to extend the life of your carpet for years with regular cleanings. Below are more details on the residential carpet cleaning process:



We begin by walking through the carpeted areas with a small pump sprayer and mist areas that are more soiled and individual spots or spotty areas. This procedure aids greatly in loosening the dirt, dust, and soil in your carpet fibers. The product we lay down is extracted out in the next step of the process.


Hot Water Extraction or "Steam Clean"

Next, we use our truck-mounted hot water extraction machine to soak and then vacuum extract the water, dirt, and product out of your carpet. This machine is powered by our truck's engine, making it the most powerful carpet extraction machine available. The water is also heated to high degrees, roughly 180º - not too far below boiling point. The steam in a "Steam Clean" is a result of the high temperature water reacting to the surrounding air, which is much cooler. During the extraction process, you can visibly witness your carpet improving - soiling and spots are sucked into our machine.


Pile Lift (Optional)

If you're carpet is worn and matted, the extraction process alone may not be able to lift the fibers as well as you'd prefer. This pile lifting service employs a seperate machine that lies on two cylinders with thousands of semi-rigid plastic brushes, these brush cylinders counter-rotate and roll over your carpet. This is a gently, yet effective way to lift your carpet and restore it's richness. On rare and very dirty occasions, this process is performed before the extraction to work prespray into the carpet fibers, making it easier for extraction to remove all soil.



The last thing we'll do, is walk through the cleaned areas with a small pump sprayer, and lightly mist just a hint of deodorizer. We believe in moderation when it comes to applying a deodorizer... there's no need to substitute one strong smell with another. We have multiple deodorizers with varying degrees of strength and scent. You can also opt out of the deodorization step if you'd like.







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