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Geyen's has been cleaning commercial carpet of all types for over 30 years. We offer the widest variety of cleaning options and are able to adhere to manufacturer warranty specifications, leaving your carpet warranty intact. From high-moisture, aggressive cleaning to dry cleaning and spot removal, we create unique cleaning programs for your business whether you need cleaning four times a year or forty!


Below are a few of our commercial carpet cleaning methods & services. We mix and match the perfect combination of method and machinery to suit your business' needs without voiding warranty specifications. Contact us for a free consultation.


Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Due to the extremely fast drying time, this is our most popular method. It utilizes encapsulation products and pile lifting machines and techniques. It is a gentle yet effective clean and adheres to almost all warranty specs. Encapsulation products crystalize as they dry and are then vacuumed out of your capret, leaving no shampoo or chemical residue in your carpet. We are able restore and maintain your carpet while removing most spots and stains.


High-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

If you're business or office has carpet that is a bit older or dirtier and needs a more aggressive approach, this is the method we use. Using either a rotary bonnet machine or pile lifting machine followed by hot water extraction, we agitate, flush and extract dirt and spots. This is the most powerful cleaning method but also less likely to adhere to new carpet warranty specs.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method uses a combination of pile lifting machines and powders. A powder is spread over your carpet, worked in and around with a pile lifter an then vacuumed out. Without using any water whatsoever, we are able to restore your commercial carpet and remove most spots and stains.



If you're generally satisfied with the overall cleanliness of your carpet but have spots and stains around the office, this method is for you. With a small rotary machine, we move throughout the office and remove all stains. It is a fast and economical way of maintaining a more unblemished and professional space.


Edge Vacuuming

One of the most overlooked aspects of any business or office space is where the wall meets the carpet. An unbelievable amount of dust and dirt builds up on the edge where regular vacuuming cannot quite reach. After some time, this becomes noticeable and unsightly. Usually, this service is performed before any thourough carpet cleaning is done and is recommended at least once a year.









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